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Help you to fight wear in Better Way and Reduce your Down Time.

With Advanced Sales Training we are now ready to guide better wear solution.

We can guide you where to use Hardox 400, Hardox 450, Hardox 500, Hardox 550, Hardox 600, Hardox Extreme, Toolox, Duroxite, Strenx. Solution for Low temperature wear or High temperatures wear. There is always a better option available with us either it may be Thorough Hardened Plate or Overlay Plate with regular development and direct contact with Swedish Team we can calculate your wear pattern and wear rate with different materials from Wear calc software.

We are always ready to help you with all kind of solution in High strength steel to reduce your down time. In any form may be in Hardox Plates or Rectangular Hollow section or Hardox Pipes. Either it may be development of better component, Import Substitution, Stone boxing we shall try to help our customers in best manner. With in-house design facilities and world class manufacturing facilities we shall always try to give our customers the best.

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